Waffles’ Wishes

branding adobe illustrator

Sep 2020

A former coworker of mine started a non-profit company to help abandoned cats get adopted by new human parents, and all of the hassles associated with that process.

She needed a logo, and I was available to help create a logo that would potentially extend to a future website, apparel, stickers, etc. 

The concept of basing the brand around a cat’s face came from my coworker’s cat: Mr. Waffles. His signature face was the perfect fit for the brand.

I started by researching other logos that feature animals, and decided to use a simple line art style, since it would be the easiest to convey Mr. Waffles’ most distinguishing features.

Also, I hid a lil’ easter eff into the logo, right on Mr. Waffles’ neck (a “W” to stand for his name).

Once we decided on the general concept, I designed the logo in Illustrator and made some general mockups that would help to invision the brand in other contexts.

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