Transcend – Holiday Cards

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Nov 2020 / Nov 2021

Over the past few years, I’ve designed holiday cards for Transcend Business.

These cards are not meant to be Christmas-themed, but rather to reflect on the past year for the CEOs these will be sent to.

To start each card, I started with sketches showing the concepts, as well as the overall layout.

Once the sketches were approved, I built each design in Illustrator, using the sketches as a guide to create new custom typography.

To show the client the finished cards before printing them, I used Adobe Dimension to mockup the cards from different angles, in different scenes (open, closed, front, back, etc.).

The theme for 2020 was: Staying Together Equals Winning Together.

Alternate ideas for the 2020 card:

The theme for 2021 was: Together, We Reimagine the Possibilities.

I also designed a small tag to go along with the card, per client request.

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