Parade of Paws

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Oct 2020

Every year, creatives from Spokane gather to help create branding and promotional materials for a local non-profit. The event is called CREATE.

In 2020, I was on a team with some students from the Spokane area. There was definitely potential in the team, and we worked together to provide collateral materials for Spokane Humane Society. Parade of Paws is an event they do every year that helps to raise money for animal adoptions. The event gathers people and their dogs to walk a small route near Spokane Humane Society’s office.

The collateral my team provided during CREATE 2020 was pretty rough, but I was able to put together a fairly polished presentation within the 24-hour time limit, and we ended up “winning” the event competition.

After the event was over, the creative director from Spokane Humane Society was interested in polishing what we had made even further and prepping files for output. I went to the task of cleaning up the logo (which I had initially made), redesigning the brochure, updating the mockups, creating an alternate shirt design, and packaging all of the files for the client to use.

All the work you see below was created solely by me, none of the other students’ work is pictured.

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