The Park Ranger

Mystery. Intrigue. Suspense. These things define “The Park Ranger”, and are an integral part of the cover design. When I started creating the cover design, minimalism and depth were are the forefront of my mind. Using subtle background textures, grit, patterns, and a simplified illustration became the backbone of the cover design. I also ended up adding barbed wire and text lighting effects to make the illustration more dynamic.

The Problem

The goal of this project was to create a unique book cover design that would communicate the sense of isolation and dread the book so elegantly captures. The solution became clear after doing a bunch of research: be as simple as possible.

The Solution

Being my first book cover project, I decided to keep it simple and focus on the message of the cover, rather than the minute specifics. Simple and rugged typography would also keep it visually clear, while communicating the general message of the piece. I’m really glad to have had the opportunity to create a unique book cover, and I learned a lot along the way!

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