Summer Camp Shirt Design

I received the great opportunity to create tee shirt graphics for a previous summer camp organized by my church (Crossover Church). The concept was to create a design that would encompass the theme of the camp, as well as being visually pleasing and comfortable to wear throughout the time.

Concept Creation

We began by brainstorming the theme of the camp, which we decided would be ” I AM”. The meaning of the theme is based on who Christ is (the I AM), and who Christ says we are. It’s a double meaning that simultaneously references Christ’s words and affirms our place as believers in Christ. We then came up with a list of words that Christ gives to us as believers. This list we then whittled down to a smaller list that would form the texture of the design, with “I AM” being the focal point.

Logo Creation Process

I started with creating multiple versions of how the logo could be constructed, starting with the burst version, slowly refining the logo’s hierarchy. I added more texture to the “I AM” letters, giving it a slight drop shadow, and made the background words more varied and less opaque. What I ended up with was a design that had a clear purpose and distinct lettering, as well as a deeper meaning and detail, that way it would hold up at a smaller and larger size.

Design Usage

We screen-printed the design onto tee shirts for the camp attendees, as well as PowerPoint slide backgrounds, name tags, pamphlets, and a large photo booth banner. It served as a great visual reminder of the theme, while being a unifying mark for the camp as a whole. The camp was a great success, and I had a great time designing for it at the same time. I look forward to next year’s camp!

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