Mr. Waffles’ Wishes

Freelance projects don’t come often, so when a co-worker of mine approached me with the opportunity to design a logo/brand for her non-profit company, I said HECK YEAH! I love being able to help bring an idea or company to life, and this project was no different. The idea behind the company is to help cat owners who are faced with the decision to either pay an expensive vet bill they can’t afford or put their cat to sleep. This company would help those owners keep their cats around longer, without the financial burden that usually accompanies caring for aging pets.


The inspiration for the logo was the project owner’s deceased cat, who brought joy and humor into many lives. The cat lived a long life and had the advantage of being able to receive veterinary care into old age, due to the owner’s good financial standing. Had the owner been in more financial trouble, Mr. Waffles would not have lived as long. The company, therefore, is named in his memory, with his likeness, to show the difference finances can make in a pet’s life. I started with more abstract icons but eventually gravitated towards Mr. Waffles’ signature cross-eyed face. This serves as a light-hearted and friendly face to the company while stating that every pet is important.

Brand Elements

For conveying the spirit of the brand, the client and I decided to go with a purple color palette primarily, with flexibility to change the color of the logo and other brand elements to suit the purpose. I developed a robust color palette, with many color combinations including orange, sky blue, turquoise, teal, and yellow. To convey the friendly nature of the brand through the typography, I opted for a thick and chubby font for the logo and headings, with the more subtle sans-serif typeface for subheadings and body copy. This would ensure the cohesion of the brand to the friendly and soft nature, shown in the warm color hues and rounded edges of the fonts and brand elements.

Usage of the Logo

The logo was primarily created for use on a website — which has yet to be developed — but will also be used for business cards, letterheads, presentations, ads, and who knows what else! I had a ton of fun working on this project, and it’s the first project I’ve used a purple color palette on, so I guess there’s a first time for everything. If you happen to see Mr. Waffles’ likeness on a poster or billboard in the future, give ’em a good ol’ wave for me!

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